What's in the box?

Every month we like to surprise you with a delicious range of bakes.

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Here you can see some of the boxes from previous months. 

We currently have five different boxes to choose from.

Will you choose our bestselling Classic Box or for smaller appetites we have the Taster Box?

If you have to share your cake delivery then the Sharing Box is the one for you! We have also added the All The Cake Box and the Brownie Box to our collection following your feedback.

5 ✩ - Best present I ever gifted myself! The box was a welcome surprise after a long day at work and the cakes inside tasted amazing! The cakes came beautifully packaged and best of all the cakes are 100% vegetarian! I'm already looking forward to the next box!! Marleen Raaijmakers on Facebook

The Classic box

The Classic Box always contains four different bakes. In many of the previous boxes we have included a sponge cake, brownies/bars and cookies or biscuits.

The Taster Box

This box is approximately half the size of the Classic box and contains three mini portions of baked loveliness - always cake plus either brownie/bar or biscuit. This is a very popular gift - buy 3 months for £24 and give the gift of cake!

Previous bakes

"If you have just had a baby I can't think of a better club to join than The Cake Tasting Club - a box of cakes delivered through your letterbox - I have tried them they are DELICIOUS! It is also a good club to join generally, you don't actually need a new baby - maybe just a cup of tea!"

Zoe - Dress Like a Mum

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