The original cake subscription business  

The Cake Tasting Club is owned and run by Vikki - with the support of Chief Baker Donna and Vikki's family!❤️

Hello Cake lovers!

Baking cakes and other delightful treats is what we are best at. We eat, sleep and live cake and the idea of our homemade bakes in our lovely subscriber's homes makes us blush with pride.

We bake all of the cakes by hand in the Cake Tasting HQ kitchen which has a five star cleanliness rating, hooray! Our core recipes are traditional ones passed down from our Nanna's, we love a bit of Nanna cake!  

We use ethical packaging by Vegware, that still looks jazzy, which makes us (and our Mum's) proud. Our eggs are always free range and all our bakes are always 100% vegetarian.

Here at Cake HQ we like our brownies gooey with a crisp top and our cakes fluffy and packed with buttery frosting. Every month we take time to plan a unique box full of cake, with a carefully matched tea or coffee. We try to work with the seasons to create bakes that complement each other and most importantly that you will just love! 

I am so hungry right now! Get in touch if you have a flavour combination you are just desperate to have in your box - You never know, we may just pick your bake you cheeky kipper ❤️

Every month we give away a free box of cake to one Newsletter subscriber. They can then send this box to their friend. Spreading joy with cake! Sign up to  our Newsletter to keep up with Cake HQ news and offers and you never know, maybe win some cake.

We promise that we will not repeat any of our bakes for at least 12 months to give you as much variety as possible. A year full of unique cake is our guarantee; what could be better?!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you love cake as much as we do and that you want to join our lovely buttery club. 

We love to chat so do feel free to drop us a line at

Want to know what we’re up to? Well, we’re usually baking (or gobbling offcuts) and often juggling children! Pop over to Facebook,  Instagram or Pinterest to say Hi and to have a sneaky peak at what’s in the oven! 

If you want to try out a box then just click on the button below.

Vikki x